Carp Fishing Baits

An important part of any carp fishing tackle package are the baits you choose. Without the right bait, you may not catch any fish, even if your gear is the best!

So which baits should I use when Carp fishing? There is no clear right or wrong answer to what you bait your hook with, but there are a few solid baits I have always had on the end of my rods and reels.

Corn. This should be a part of everyone's tackle and gear. This old reliable bait has been around forever, and can catch all sizes of fish. While there are some fancy hair rigs now and chumming for the fish is very popular, just a few kernels on a smaller hook still works great. This stuff is also very cheap, and you can mix in some vanilla extract onto your corn too!

Worms (nightcrawlers). These have also been a staple of many fisherman for years. Live worms can catch more kinds of species than any other bait. Grab a decent sized hook and tie on a worm to your tackle, and you will get something to bite. I would vary the size of the worm, as big fish may want a full size one, when a smaller one can get by on just a piece of the night crawler.

Boilies. I have just gotten into trying these and do not know much. They are huge over in the UK, France, Germany, and the rest of Europe. It is more of the new school of fishing for these kinds of species. I am more used to the old fashioned stuff, but try these too!

Bread. Another simple one that just requires a hook and some weight to your gear. Be sure only to use the middle of the bread, not the crust, since this will cause it not to stick well.

Again, these are just my experiences, I am learning more about the reels, rods, baits, rigs, gear, tackle and so on every day. I hope to expand my carp fishing tackle more and get to go on some good trips as well.