Carp Fishing Gear

In my last post, I talked about how I recently became a huge fan of carp fishing. The little research I have done tells me that there are many people with sophisticated tackle that I simply do not have right now. However, I feel beginning fisherman can still catch many fish with just the basic necessities. However, there are many new products available the will benefit you.

Right now my Carp Fishing Tackle is rather scant. I really cannot afford to go out and by a bunch of 12 foot rods or new reels. That is OK though, as my simple gear gets it done for now.

My carp fishing rod is a 7 foot medium heavy ugly stick. It can handle most species with ease. It takes some time to get used to rods that big, but it is worthwhile. It has landed some big bass in its day too.

My carp fishing reel is a daiwa spinning reel that is loaded with 10 lb stren. While it is not the strongest line, it can cast extremely far. This is key if you want to cover a lot of water when casting from shore.

It is important to have good equipment and rigs, but you also must be able to find the monsters to catch them. This can be done by personal research or word of mouth.

My rods and reels in the past have always been short and stout. I lost a great deal of casting distance and have learned from my mistakes.

Other carp tackle and gear includes a long handled net to land the trophies, a slingshot to shoot corn out to attract the golden beasts, and sticks I use to prop the rod up in the ground. These may be simplistic, but they do work.

Right now these rigs are all I have to work with, and they do work, I want to upgrade in the future though, as it could help me get a few more fish.

My carp tackle could use improving and within the next few months I may be able to get some new gear, but I want everyone to know you do not need the best gear to catch good amounts of fish.


Carp Fishing Tackle

Good evening,

For years I have been an avid fisherman who loves to fish. Being here in the United States, I have never realized how popular Carp fishing is around the world. Wow, I have missed out on most the excitement my whole life.

Let me tell you a story. I was recently purchasing some bass lures, when I saw a small section of my local store having Carp fishing tackle. I bought some special vanilla extract and they said to put it on corn when fishing. I am new to most of this as I have mostly fished for bass,sunfish, and crappie my whole life. While I have caught a few carp, I never really appreciated how great a species they were to catch.

My original reason for shopping was to get the bass lures and rigs, but I also got the Carp gear as well, since the lake I was going to fish has some big ones hitting the surface from time to time. I used to think that the ones on the surface were not interested in biting and did not even know they would bite.

So the next day I head down to the lake and start catching some bass and bluegill like normal. I thought I would try the carp fishing bait I bought at the store, even though I learned I had no clue in really what I was doing. Got this big hook and threaded some of the corn I had on it. Tossed it out there and put the rod and reel in a stick and just kinda kept on going bass fishing.

After a while, I was not even watching my carp fishing rod, I decided to get ready and pack up all my gear. About 5 minutes later, I noticed my rod just about ready to fly into the lake!! I jerked and hooked into what seemed to be log. About 10 minutes later, I had in a 10lb carp or so.

The battle was amazing on my rod and reel and I realized how fun fishing for these species can be. However, I now now my tackle is not nearly correct and I am going to work on improving my rigs. So for now, I will learn more about this fish and be sure to get better Carp Fishing Tackle that can handle these monsters.

I hope to post more fishing stories, since I thoroughly enjoy the sport.