Season Almost Over

Well, with the snow falling it looks like the fishing season could be over. I do not ice fish and most carp do not bite through the ice around here anyway. It was a good year overall.

I am now getting all my fishing tackle ready for winter and doing the normal relining of all my rods.

I am sure I will be bored soon.


Finding the best places to Carp fish

Before gathering your carp fishing tackle and gear, you must first decide on where you want to fish.  This is not always an easy decision. Often times many different lakes and ponds have many variables to choose from on why or why not to pick them.  Angling pressure, fish size, quantity of fish, location of body of water, all are important factors on choosing your destination.

Once I pick out where to go, I then decide on which rod and reel I will take for carping.  I like a rod and reel that can cast a good distance, as I often fish from shore without a boat or raft.  This can be frustrating at times, especially if you cannot reach the carp.  However, normally you can always find a good place to fish form shore if you look long and hard enough.

Once I have my equipment and tackle under control, I will think about what bait to use. Normally I prefer simple things like corn or nightcrawlers, but I have also used flavored corn or boilies, and had success with bread or dough balls as well.  It is all a personal preference, but the carp are more picky in heavily fished waters. Also, the people I have talked with say carp fishing around the world is much more refined than here in the US. France, Germany, and other European countries have much more carp fishing pressure than in the US or Canada. Either way, you should know that not all baits work in all lakes, so be ready to mix it up if you have too. Good luck fishing and be sure to properly pack your carp fishing tackle and gear, since last time all my stuff blew off the roof of my luggage rack!


Affordable carp fishing tackle

Carp fishing tackle is very expensive if you buy all the new gear and equipment. I want to give advice on why you can get cheaper gear and where to buy it without breaking your wallet. First, check auctions on EBay or other auction sites. Many times people are looking to get rid of their tackle online. Also, garage sales are a good place to check for really great deals. Carp fishing tackle can also be found cheap on places like amazon or craigslist, just look out for the real bargains.

You do not really need $100 bite alarms and other gear like rods, reels, baits, etc. that cost hundreds of dollars. Carp fishing tackle can be had for under $30 if you look in the right places. Online advertisements can be good, but be careful, as sometimes just going to wal-mart can fetch you the best deal on your fishing equipment for your tackle box. I have often just grabbed a cheap bass rod and reel and gone fishing for huge carp, while not optimal, sometimes people cannot afford the extra money of fishing supplies, as much as we wish we could.

Another place to try to find some cheap fishing stuff is relatives houses. Often they will have lots of stuff in their basement that they are looking to get rid of or just do not want cluttering up the place. Free is often the best price in these situations. Carp fishing tackle and gear and then be used on your very next trip, for no cost at all! Just be careful not to be stingy and rip off your close family for a few free rods and reels, they may not be happy with you for many years if they think you are just a freeloading carp fisherman!

While all these ideas are good, I am sure their are many better ones out there that can land you huge deals and maybe even profits. My buddy used to find cheap fishing stuff at family or garage sales and then go back on the internet and resell it all and make a good amount of cash. You have to know what you are buying though, as much of the stuff could be junk. Reels, rods, nets, all can be expensive if you have the best gear. Carp fishing tackle is not as vital as some may say, but be sure to have at least a decent setup, or you risk losing many fish that you will kick your self for later.

On a final note, check many sources before you place an expensive order for your carp tackle and supplies.


Carp Gear

Carp gear is by far one of the most important things to prepare before you go on your fishing trip. Carp gear consists of the rods, reels, baits, and anything other you need to go on your trip. It does not matter if you are fishing the best lakes in the world, if your carp gear is poor or lacking, you will not catch anything. Do not be alarmed though, as it does not take much time to properly prepare it. Grab a list and start writing down anything you deem important to your journey. Soon, you will have all your carp gear ready to go and catch trophies.


Still A Great Fishing Trip

Even though the day started out with a broken rod, it was a very good day overall. I landed 4 carp, each about 3 - 5 pounds. I used ultra light carp fishing tackle so the battles were long and fun. This lake has smaller fish so I knew I would not catch a monster. Also, landed a few nice bass on a big gob of worms. Using light fishing gear is exciting, and I think more people should try it. It makes the fight actually a challenge, especially carp who are known for their battles.


Broken Fishing Tackle

Ever feel like you just ruined your whole fishing trip? Well, it is not a very good feeling is it. I was loading all my carp fishing tackle into the car for a short trip to the local lake and did not realize the rod tip was caught in the edge of the car door. Snap, busted the last foot of the rod right off. Not a good thing, especially on a quality rod that has landed many carp, catfish, bass, and so on. I would had rather it break when landing a fish, at least that way I would have been fishing and not just loading a stupid car. Oh well, learn to be careful with your fishing gear, it will save you some money in the long run!


Carp Fishing Trip Report

Well, I have a bit of advice I have learned since I gathered up my carp fishing tackle from the last trip. The local lake where we fish is small, but has numerous carp in the 3 - 5 pound range. Nothing huge, but a great fight on the right tackle and gear. It was a warm summer day, and my carp fishing tackle consisted of a 7 foot Daiwa spinning reel on a Shakespeare Ugly stick fishing rod. I have used this combo many times before and combine it with 12 pound test Stren fishing line. I do not use any bite alarms and just sit on the bank and prop the rod in a stick. I know this is not the best way, but I am still learning here.

We get all set up with our equipment and wait for some action. For bait, we are using night crawlers, corn sweetened with vanilla, and dough balls also sweetened with vanilla extract. Some guys swear by the boilies and hair rigs, but I am still an old fashioned fisherman with my carp fishing tackle and gear. We also threw out some corn into the area for chum.

With the rods and reels in the water for about 30 minutes we wanted some action. Not a huge trophy, but at least a few bites on our lines baits. Finally, I get a strong bite and get a 3 pound fish to shore. Put up a battle, but nothing to get excited about on our stiff tackle. My next bit of advice is for people to be very patient, and not move around. Give the carp some time to work into the area.

After about 20 more minutes I was getting into my tackle box and the rod almost doubled over into the lake. A few minutes later I actually had a 10 pound channel catfish on the line. Not a trophy, but still a great battle and catfish. Took a little break after that and let the rod and reel just sit out for a bit. Got some lunch and proceeded to get back to catching some things. I got some more corn on the hook and rigged the other rod with a good sized night crawler. Again, about 10 minutes later a small carp was landed by my friend. This beasts really fight well for there size. It would be more fun if our tackle was lighter, but we want to be prepared for a trophy. I have lost many big ones in the past and it does not feel good. My next advice is the opposite of the last statement. I always get more bites when using lighter line than 12 pound test. Especially in clear waters, but it is a compromise of some strength. It is a tough choice, but go with whatever your gut tells you and head to your local pond or river.

The day was almost over and I was packing up all the carp fishing tackle from the trip and almost broke my ankle in a ground hog hole. Gotta watch for them! We landed some decent fish and were happy with our day. Be prepared and you too can have a successful trip.


Shallow Water Fishing Carp Tackle

There is one that about fishing that you must never underestimate, and that is having the proper carp fishing tackle. Without it, you will fail, so these tips should improve your next trip for trophy fish. When fishing shallow waters, your carp gear, rods, reels, line, tackle, all must be in top shape. This equipment is important since the shallow water allows the fish to see the line better and be a lot more wary of the fisherman's presence. Lighter line is needed, such as less than 10 pound test. Also, fluorocarbon leaders can be of great use, if you want to spend the money on that gear. A good bite detection system can aid you in detecting a strike. You do not want to be moving around the bank much in shallow or clear waters. You carp fishing rod and carp fishing reel should be able to cast a long way in such bodies of water. The trophies may be far away and you have to be able to reach them. With using lighter line, be sure to have a long handled net to aide you in landing a monster. I have not mentioned much about baits or other tips, but they are similar and you can find those in the other posts about tackle and gear. Good luck on your next trip. Remember, these tips can work anywhere, US, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Russia, wherever. Fishing is a world wide activity and sport, so let us all get involved.


Catching Fish From Shore

When gathering up your Carp Fishing Tackle and getting ready to go catch a monster fish, you must know a few key tips that I want to go over. First, many people do not have access to a boat. That means you must fish from shore and your tackle must be able to allow you to reach longer into the water to find the trophies. A carp fishing rod and reel that will allow you to cast over 100 yards is a must in many waters, especially rivers when you need to get to the feeding areas. Grab your entire tackle box and head to the lake or river and make sure you have strong carp tackle.

Once you get there and get ready, be sure to have your rod holders, bite alarms, or any other equipment you will think you will need. Some people just grab a stick and ram it into the ground. You will find sticks all over the world, so that should not be a problem whether you are in America, Europe, Asia, etc.

Getting your bait together should be another proority. Canned corn, worms, boilies, night crawlers, or other carp baits will work. Dough balls are also a solid method of hooking into a monster fish. Be sure to have a stout rod with a reel capable of holding much line. Rods and reels are often overlooked. Your tackle must be strong too. Do not buy cheap swivels, hooks, and leaders. These will cost you a fish of a lifetime. Good luck.


FIshing For Carp From Shore

When Carp Fishing from shore, you must be certain to have the best Carp Fishing Tackle and gear out there. You need to have a rod and reel that is capable of making casts up to 100 yards if needed. This cannot be done with cheap gear you get at Wal-mart. There are many online carp fishing stores in the USA, UK, Europe (France, Germany, Sweden, etc.) that provide you with the proper tackle.

I have learned the hard way that crap line will lead to tangles and short casts. Your reels will suffer too. I am not saying you must get rod pods and bite alarms and be able to cast your baits to the moon, but use some sense. It is not that difficult to be prepared and land a monster. My Carp gear is not the best. I am just really getting into them and have not felt like spending the real money I would like too. While equipment is very important, do not forget to use good baits and some common sense. If you go to the lake expected to land 50 fish you will be disappointed. Be patient and fish proper and good things will happen.

I was just fishing last week at this tiny pond and all it had was some commons in it. It is only about 3 feet deep, but the beasts were working their golden mouths all day so I had to try. I got one into shore, about 5 pounds, so I was very happy. Caught a few bluegills too, so it was a good day overall.

So next time you go fishing or just to a friends house with a lake, make sure you take your carp fishing tackle.


Carp Fishing Baits

An important part of any carp fishing tackle package are the baits you choose. Without the right bait, you may not catch any fish, even if your gear is the best!

So which baits should I use when Carp fishing? There is no clear right or wrong answer to what you bait your hook with, but there are a few solid baits I have always had on the end of my rods and reels.

Corn. This should be a part of everyone's tackle and gear. This old reliable bait has been around forever, and can catch all sizes of fish. While there are some fancy hair rigs now and chumming for the fish is very popular, just a few kernels on a smaller hook still works great. This stuff is also very cheap, and you can mix in some vanilla extract onto your corn too!

Worms (nightcrawlers). These have also been a staple of many fisherman for years. Live worms can catch more kinds of species than any other bait. Grab a decent sized hook and tie on a worm to your tackle, and you will get something to bite. I would vary the size of the worm, as big fish may want a full size one, when a smaller one can get by on just a piece of the night crawler.

Boilies. I have just gotten into trying these and do not know much. They are huge over in the UK, France, Germany, and the rest of Europe. It is more of the new school of fishing for these kinds of species. I am more used to the old fashioned stuff, but try these too!

Bread. Another simple one that just requires a hook and some weight to your gear. Be sure only to use the middle of the bread, not the crust, since this will cause it not to stick well.

Again, these are just my experiences, I am learning more about the reels, rods, baits, rigs, gear, tackle and so on every day. I hope to expand my carp fishing tackle more and get to go on some good trips as well.


Carp Fishing Reels

When it comes to Carp fishing tackle, an important aspect to consider is choosing your reel. Most reels are capable of catching trophy fish, but many are poorly made and lack qualities that are needed to land big trophies. There are many things to consider when choosing your gear and tackle.

First, a good carp reel should have a smooth drag that never sticks. This is key because the initial run from a big one. Reels should also have the ability to hold a couple hundred yards of line. Higher quality equipment tends to tangle less and leave less memory in the line. This is very important in helping avoid tangles in your rig.

While Carp fishing reels are only a small part of your gear, they are still a very important piece of equipment. It is hard to say which is the most important piece of tackle, such the sum of the parts is greater then each individual piece of gear. Overlook any one aspect, and the whole rig will suffer.

While I have not fished much for carp compared to other species, I am learning more by reading and experimenting every day I get on the water. I hope to be able take a fishing trip to Europe someday for these monsters. I have heard that France, Germany, England, and many other countries have great opportunities too. I think it is very important to try new waters and experiment with new equipment and tackle and rigs. This can help any fisherman get a new perspective on their techniques.


Carp fishing rods

When it comes to Carp Fishing Tackle, one of the most important parts are the rods. Without a fishing rod, you cannot catch a fish, this is simple, yet very true.

While my posts target all kinds of Carp Tackle, this post is specifically designed for the rod.

There a few schools of thought picking the right rigs for carp gear. The rods I prefer are somewhat long, 7 - 9 feet and have a good amount of cast ability to them. Normally I go with a medium - heavy action one. This gives the rigs a good mix of strength and flexibility.

Currently I have an 7.5 foot ugly stick that is a good rod. I have had this thing for 10 years and it has been used and abused by many fish. I also have stepped on this thing a lot too. You have to have strong tackle and gear when fishing for carp.

Some guys go with really long 12 foot rods and I have not tried this, but it could have it's advantages of long casting. These long things are just kinda awkward for me to handle.

However, it is mostly personal preference and for my carp fishing tackle I just like my gear to feel comfortable. I am by no means a great carper yet, but am learning everyday.


Carp Fishing Gear

In my last post, I talked about how I recently became a huge fan of carp fishing. The little research I have done tells me that there are many people with sophisticated tackle that I simply do not have right now. However, I feel beginning fisherman can still catch many fish with just the basic necessities. However, there are many new products available the will benefit you.

Right now my Carp Fishing Tackle is rather scant. I really cannot afford to go out and by a bunch of 12 foot rods or new reels. That is OK though, as my simple gear gets it done for now.

My carp fishing rod is a 7 foot medium heavy ugly stick. It can handle most species with ease. It takes some time to get used to rods that big, but it is worthwhile. It has landed some big bass in its day too.

My carp fishing reel is a daiwa spinning reel that is loaded with 10 lb stren. While it is not the strongest line, it can cast extremely far. This is key if you want to cover a lot of water when casting from shore.

It is important to have good equipment and rigs, but you also must be able to find the monsters to catch them. This can be done by personal research or word of mouth.

My rods and reels in the past have always been short and stout. I lost a great deal of casting distance and have learned from my mistakes.

Other carp tackle and gear includes a long handled net to land the trophies, a slingshot to shoot corn out to attract the golden beasts, and sticks I use to prop the rod up in the ground. These may be simplistic, but they do work.

Right now these rigs are all I have to work with, and they do work, I want to upgrade in the future though, as it could help me get a few more fish.

My carp tackle could use improving and within the next few months I may be able to get some new gear, but I want everyone to know you do not need the best gear to catch good amounts of fish.


Carp Fishing Tackle

Good evening,

For years I have been an avid fisherman who loves to fish. Being here in the United States, I have never realized how popular Carp fishing is around the world. Wow, I have missed out on most the excitement my whole life.

Let me tell you a story. I was recently purchasing some bass lures, when I saw a small section of my local store having Carp fishing tackle. I bought some special vanilla extract and they said to put it on corn when fishing. I am new to most of this as I have mostly fished for bass,sunfish, and crappie my whole life. While I have caught a few carp, I never really appreciated how great a species they were to catch.

My original reason for shopping was to get the bass lures and rigs, but I also got the Carp gear as well, since the lake I was going to fish has some big ones hitting the surface from time to time. I used to think that the ones on the surface were not interested in biting and did not even know they would bite.

So the next day I head down to the lake and start catching some bass and bluegill like normal. I thought I would try the carp fishing bait I bought at the store, even though I learned I had no clue in really what I was doing. Got this big hook and threaded some of the corn I had on it. Tossed it out there and put the rod and reel in a stick and just kinda kept on going bass fishing.

After a while, I was not even watching my carp fishing rod, I decided to get ready and pack up all my gear. About 5 minutes later, I noticed my rod just about ready to fly into the lake!! I jerked and hooked into what seemed to be log. About 10 minutes later, I had in a 10lb carp or so.

The battle was amazing on my rod and reel and I realized how fun fishing for these species can be. However, I now now my tackle is not nearly correct and I am going to work on improving my rigs. So for now, I will learn more about this fish and be sure to get better Carp Fishing Tackle that can handle these monsters.

I hope to post more fishing stories, since I thoroughly enjoy the sport.