Shallow Water Fishing Carp Tackle

There is one that about fishing that you must never underestimate, and that is having the proper carp fishing tackle. Without it, you will fail, so these tips should improve your next trip for trophy fish. When fishing shallow waters, your carp gear, rods, reels, line, tackle, all must be in top shape. This equipment is important since the shallow water allows the fish to see the line better and be a lot more wary of the fisherman's presence. Lighter line is needed, such as less than 10 pound test. Also, fluorocarbon leaders can be of great use, if you want to spend the money on that gear. A good bite detection system can aid you in detecting a strike. You do not want to be moving around the bank much in shallow or clear waters. You carp fishing rod and carp fishing reel should be able to cast a long way in such bodies of water. The trophies may be far away and you have to be able to reach them. With using lighter line, be sure to have a long handled net to aide you in landing a monster. I have not mentioned much about baits or other tips, but they are similar and you can find those in the other posts about tackle and gear. Good luck on your next trip. Remember, these tips can work anywhere, US, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Russia, wherever. Fishing is a world wide activity and sport, so let us all get involved.

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