Finding the best places to Carp fish

Before gathering your carp fishing tackle and gear, you must first decide on where you want to fish.  This is not always an easy decision. Often times many different lakes and ponds have many variables to choose from on why or why not to pick them.  Angling pressure, fish size, quantity of fish, location of body of water, all are important factors on choosing your destination.

Once I pick out where to go, I then decide on which rod and reel I will take for carping.  I like a rod and reel that can cast a good distance, as I often fish from shore without a boat or raft.  This can be frustrating at times, especially if you cannot reach the carp.  However, normally you can always find a good place to fish form shore if you look long and hard enough.

Once I have my equipment and tackle under control, I will think about what bait to use. Normally I prefer simple things like corn or nightcrawlers, but I have also used flavored corn or boilies, and had success with bread or dough balls as well.  It is all a personal preference, but the carp are more picky in heavily fished waters. Also, the people I have talked with say carp fishing around the world is much more refined than here in the US. France, Germany, and other European countries have much more carp fishing pressure than in the US or Canada. Either way, you should know that not all baits work in all lakes, so be ready to mix it up if you have too. Good luck fishing and be sure to properly pack your carp fishing tackle and gear, since last time all my stuff blew off the roof of my luggage rack!

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Tony said...

I've fished for carp with rakes, bow and arrow, nets, even a gun..never rod and reel. The places we have carp out here tend to be trash fish..I know in other places they can be great fish to catch! Very interesting blog here! I'm curious to learn more.:)