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For years I have been an avid fisherman who loves to fish. Being here in the United States, I have never realized how popular Carp fishing is around the world. Wow, I have missed out on most the excitement my whole life.

Let me tell you a story. I was recently purchasing some bass lures, when I saw a small section of my local store having Carp fishing tackle. I bought some special vanilla extract and they said to put it on corn when fishing. I am new to most of this as I have mostly fished for bass,sunfish, and crappie my whole life. While I have caught a few carp, I never really appreciated how great a species they were to catch.

My original reason for shopping was to get the bass lures and rigs, but I also got the Carp gear as well, since the lake I was going to fish has some big ones hitting the surface from time to time. I used to think that the ones on the surface were not interested in biting and did not even know they would bite.

So the next day I head down to the lake and start catching some bass and bluegill like normal. I thought I would try the carp fishing bait I bought at the store, even though I learned I had no clue in really what I was doing. Got this big hook and threaded some of the corn I had on it. Tossed it out there and put the rod and reel in a stick and just kinda kept on going bass fishing.

After a while, I was not even watching my carp fishing rod, I decided to get ready and pack up all my gear. About 5 minutes later, I noticed my rod just about ready to fly into the lake!! I jerked and hooked into what seemed to be log. About 10 minutes later, I had in a 10lb carp or so.

The battle was amazing on my rod and reel and I realized how fun fishing for these species can be. However, I now now my tackle is not nearly correct and I am going to work on improving my rigs. So for now, I will learn more about this fish and be sure to get better Carp Fishing Tackle that can handle these monsters.

I hope to post more fishing stories, since I thoroughly enjoy the sport.

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