Carp fishing rods

When it comes to Carp Fishing Tackle, one of the most important parts are the rods. Without a fishing rod, you cannot catch a fish, this is simple, yet very true.

While my posts target all kinds of Carp Tackle, this post is specifically designed for the rod.

There a few schools of thought picking the right rigs for carp gear. The rods I prefer are somewhat long, 7 - 9 feet and have a good amount of cast ability to them. Normally I go with a medium - heavy action one. This gives the rigs a good mix of strength and flexibility.

Currently I have an 7.5 foot ugly stick that is a good rod. I have had this thing for 10 years and it has been used and abused by many fish. I also have stepped on this thing a lot too. You have to have strong tackle and gear when fishing for carp.

Some guys go with really long 12 foot rods and I have not tried this, but it could have it's advantages of long casting. These long things are just kinda awkward for me to handle.

However, it is mostly personal preference and for my carp fishing tackle I just like my gear to feel comfortable. I am by no means a great carper yet, but am learning everyday.


Leslie Lim said...

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Cindy Dy said...

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