FIshing For Carp From Shore

When Carp Fishing from shore, you must be certain to have the best Carp Fishing Tackle and gear out there. You need to have a rod and reel that is capable of making casts up to 100 yards if needed. This cannot be done with cheap gear you get at Wal-mart. There are many online carp fishing stores in the USA, UK, Europe (France, Germany, Sweden, etc.) that provide you with the proper tackle.

I have learned the hard way that crap line will lead to tangles and short casts. Your reels will suffer too. I am not saying you must get rod pods and bite alarms and be able to cast your baits to the moon, but use some sense. It is not that difficult to be prepared and land a monster. My Carp gear is not the best. I am just really getting into them and have not felt like spending the real money I would like too. While equipment is very important, do not forget to use good baits and some common sense. If you go to the lake expected to land 50 fish you will be disappointed. Be patient and fish proper and good things will happen.

I was just fishing last week at this tiny pond and all it had was some commons in it. It is only about 3 feet deep, but the beasts were working their golden mouths all day so I had to try. I got one into shore, about 5 pounds, so I was very happy. Caught a few bluegills too, so it was a good day overall.

So next time you go fishing or just to a friends house with a lake, make sure you take your carp fishing tackle.

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